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Relaxing Baby Swimming Lessons In West Sussex

Want to get out the house with your baby, and are thinking of taking your little-one to swimming lessons? If you’re in West Sussex, why not join us at Bubbles Swim School?
Swimming offer many different, often surprising, benefits for children at this age. Firstly, it strengthens a baby’s heart and lungs and is brilliant for their muscle development.
Secondly, it can help to develop their cognitive skills, making it useful for both their physical and mental health. Responding to voice commands can improve their mental skills and increase their levels of understanding.
Providing a complete physical workout, swimming stimulates all a baby’s senses and is also one of the few sports babies can do from an early age.
Thirdly, it teaches your child water safety skills; with drowning the third biggest cause of accidental death for children, this is an important skill to learn early on.
Fourthly, swimming can boost your child’s confidence, and is a real bonding experience between parents and children, because it has plenty of skin-on-skin contact.
Lastly, swimming enhances a baby’s wellbeing, while also improving their sleeping patterns; this is largely because the warm water relaxes a baby. Babies can start swimming as soon as possible, although they must have already had a health check.
If you’re in West Sussex, why not discover more about our baby swimming lessons?